Release delay to end of November 19th.

I have, as a few of you know, shifted to the Pittsburgh area a few months ago.

We just got through a major ice storm which left us and 109,000 others without electricity. We had gas and running water, however, so we could heat things on the stove and our gas fireplace kept the inside of the house tolerable.

But for about 2 days, I couldn't do any work on the nature stock pack. 

On the plus side, while it was cold, and somewhat boring, the snow around my house was admittedly rather beautiful:

Power outage

Without electricity for 2 1/2 days
I have just recently resumed work on the stock pack but am now behind schedule by two days. 

This means the nature stock pack will see completion, and release, at about 11 pm tomorrow, November 19th, EST, pretty much an hour or so before my Thanksgiving 2018 sale launches.

You will want to look at that when it shows up, as it has all my stock media at just slightly over 40% off (purchased individually) or a bit over 60% off when all claimed together in a bundle. I'll even throw in the 'Miniature Multiverse extras', possibly even the full game itself, as a bonus if this sale reaches certain ambitious thresholds, namely $200.00 and $500.00 in total sales volume. These goals, if acheived, could help me get Miniature Multiverse wrapped up sooner than would otherwise be the case. That sale though, could in effect potentially allow you to grab $6.10 worth of content for $1.65 (or less)

November 20th and 21st: $1.65

Thanksgiving, November 22: $1.49 

Black Friday, November 23: $1.51, with an increased cut (20% instead of 10%) going to Itch.IO on this specific day due to the fact that they're giving their cut to a list of charitable causes for Black Friday.

November 24-25: $1.59

Cyber Monday, November 26: $1.52

November 27-30: $1.65

December 1-24: a new 'regular' individual item and bundle pricing resumes. $2.99 for the bundle. 

December 25, Christmas 2018 - TBD, probably another sale, but unlikely to match this one in value or excitement unless I somehow manage to complete Miniature Multiverse by Christmas!


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EDIT: This product's finally been released in time for Thanksgiving, and I ultimately changed my plans and opted to keep the price of the bundle at a flat $1.49 for the duration of November 21-30.

I've also offered some free download keys for this and other items and some are still left so if you want any of this stuff, check that out:

Free downloads, limited supply so grab them while there are still some left!