Free download keys [9 in all]!

As my 2018 Thanksgiving Sale is drawing tons of traffic, but not generating much in the way of sales after 36 hrs [and no reviews or ratings whatsoever] I'm making one final effort to sweeten these deals further. 

So here's the awesome bargain:

9 FREE download keys for people who are interested in buying this stuff but currently hesitant - that's 3 for each of my currently available sale products. First come, first serve. If you like the item or items you download and find the content useful, I encourage you to leave an honest review. Right now I've got three products I have spent - in combined total - over a hundred dollars and over a hundred hours making, and the total sales figures to date amount to roughly $7 on Itch.IO. I see a lot of curious people watching these items, but buyers are scarce and reviews nonexistent. So I could really use some genuine feedback from game developers, both to tell me what I'm doing right or wrong with these items, and to let future customers have the same useful information.

Here are the download keys:

3D swamp / marsh / nature models - plants:

The 2018 version of the Complete Collection with just over 1250 texture image files and 100 pyrotechnic and other stock video elements:

The bonus Autumn collection, with 15 new pyrotechnic clips, and 201 new texture image assets:

Note, each link can only be used once. Once the file is downloaded from a link, the link will no longer allow access to the item after that first download.

Reviews, comments, ratings are greatly appreciated but obviously not actually required. Keep in mind that genuine ratings will prove useful in my completion of Miniature Multiverse, a game I started intermittent work on as early as 2010 and am now really trying to get done soon. But it's cost me $1000+ and many, many hours of work, with $235 still not covered, and any reviews here would help generate sales this month, which in turn would help me get my ambitious game project wrapped up faster, as in maybe within the next 60 days. Thanks.

Get Autumn 2018 Bonus Collection

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Log in with to leave a comment. - another download key, for the 2018 Triumphant Artists Coomplete Collection. - another download key for the Autumn Bonus collection.

I've seen that most of the keys in the first post are claimed - and downloaded - but the ones after that generally aren't yet. Of course, so far, neither are the ones in this post. 

I do ask that you not pirate the downloaded material as this will severely compromise its viability on this site (and) if I cannot make at least a few dozen sales of this sort of stuff by end of year 2019 it will most likely mean no new stock media from me in 2020 - . This content launching on Itch.IO in Q1 2019 is probably my last shot at doing this kind of work and so far, despite a few buyers, it's not looking like it'll work out this time either. And that's sad if true because I was really hoping to release a lot more over the next decade if it turned out to be at all successful.

And, again, if any of you are finding this material useful, I strongly encourage you to leave a rating / review on the related page. More ratings means more long term sales potential and as a result accelerated development of more stock-media content and faster completion of my struggling indie game prooductions like 'Miniature Multiverse' as well. For TACC 2018,  the place to post a rating would be 

And for the bonus autumn collection,

And the 3d nature pack:


Amazingly after 18 hours, these are not yet all taken; if the top link for a product download is already claimed, you can move on to try the next one for a given product, and so on, and claim that. 

Also, do keep in mind that any potential bonuses from the sale are not applicable to people who download one of each of the free downloads. Those extra bonuses - which quite bluntly are looking highly unlikely to reach the goals by now anyway - would only apply to bundle purchases.

So, the Thanksgiving Sale came and went, and now - after about a month of no sale going on - the Winter Sale is active.

50+% off the bundle of my 3 stock media packs, or if you move fast, you can still grab free download keys here.

Some of the initial 9 keys are astonishingly - after a month - NOT YET CLAIMED.

And I'm giving out more - another six one-use-only download links - on top of that.

Once a link's been used and the contents of the link downloaded, that link closes and cannot be used again. So hurry up and grab your free stock media (it's free for you, anyway, but it cost me a lot to make - I put hundreds of hours and a couple hundred dollars into making it.)

And if you find it useful, I'd love it if you'd please come back to the related page and rate/review what you downloaded. Let others know what to expect with these stock media packages. Because I think if people realized how great of a deal this was or that this content existed at all, there'd be far more activity here.   

And activity can lead to later sales, and sales means I'll be able to justify and cover dev costs, of continued releases of completely new stock media packages in the future plus more frequent and substantial updates to the already existing ones. :)