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I'm Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, and over the past six years I've been steadily building a vast personal collection of unique stock textures and video elements. The result, seen on one of my websites (TriumphantArtists.com) is an impressive assortment of materials useful to indie vfx and game artists, including:

- over a thousand total texture files, including normal, bump, specular and opacity maps, which could prove very useful for 3d artists and game developers.

These are now - as of March 2020 - being improved a bit more, with about 150 additional photographic texture maps in development between this and the Autumn bonus pack, some assorted adjustments to the existing maps, plus Unity engine material presets for any other indie devs using Unity. Unreal engine material presets might also be available down the road.

-A batch of decals to make surfaces look more messy, grungy, and realistically detailed, plus a few overlays like dust, lens flares, water, etc, that can be layered over images or video with an 'add' or 'screen' filter.

-Just over a hundred video clips, some SD, many in HD, often shot at 60 or 120fps high-speed and most of them easy for VFX artists to composite due to black or blue backing. The types of video elements include debris bursts, water effects, smoke, fire, and a bunch of explosions. Nearly all of this is actual physical effects work, shot for real. Only a few of the video elements included are 3d simulation, and they're separated in different subfolders than the real-world photographed effects. A few additional 3d simulated elements may be added at some point soon too, here and in the Autumn bonus pack.

[Other notes - the files are all in folders, that have been zipped together into one massive .ZIP file in an attempt to make downloading simpler.]

Also, a lot of the content here also, is or has been available for free on my site www.triumphantartists.com so you can download some fairly substantial batches of textures and video there instead without paying a penny. 

But, firstly, the sites are down as of early March 2020 and I am attempting to firstly cover overdue bills on the hosting platforms, and secondly update and overhaul the sites with better navigation and more responsive formatting, plus new content (articles, plus a bit more than before in terms of video materials and comics that a few of you have waited on for far too long.)

But secondly, there is a lot of great extra material in the package if you decide to buy it here, plus the convenience of it all being organized into a single big download instead of a bunch of small downloadables. Plus, you would be helping me not only keep my web presence fully afloat but also helping fund the last batch of worlds for release of my new game Miniature Multiverse so that is enormously appreciated. Ratings, comments, shares on social media, and reviews would also be wonderful.    :)

Bottom line - if you are a visual effects artist, 3d artist, or video-game artist, you will find this collection extremely useful and an exceptional bargain at the current price, now $1.50, even less than that when on sale. Better still, by buying this you'll be helping to fund indie game productions that I'm currently working hard to launch. [Check my username if you're interested in browsing my other projects - I'd appreciate that.]


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

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Thank you too, for posting your comment, for your order... you even tipped! That's all really awesome of you! Thanks! :)

Not sure yet what I will be able to use but a GREAT deal. Thank You