Upcoming sales in 2018

Sales, discounts & bargains I am aiming for during the remainder of 2018:

1) Halloween 2018 [October 29-31] - I will launch an additional supplemental stock media collection - at a $1.00 price point. Includes 200+ new texture maps, and a dozen fire elements of varying size and form, shot in HD, against black. Plus a batch of HD fluid-simulated blood spray and splatter effects for gory action or horror videos, because it’s Halloween. 10% discounts on TACC2018 and the new pack will apply during the week of launch. TACC2018 will be $3.59, the new pack $0.90, and the two will be possible to buy as a bundle together for anyone who wants that, at 15% off. ($4.25)

2) Thanksgiving. Another similar 10% off sale on the stock media from November 23-30. Some more preview content [images, video] will be posted on my ‘Miniature Multiverse’ game page at this time. That should get everyone excited. You’ve got no idea how cool some of this stuff looks!

3) Christmas to New Year. December 12, 2018 - January 4, 2019. Watch for a lot to happen over the course of this stretch, from the launch of ‘Miniature Multiverse’ at 10% off [$1.35] to 15% off the stock media individual packs, and 20% off the stock media bundle. 

All of this openness about what I’m planning to do, may make you inclined to wait for a later sale, and that’s okay, but do keep in mind that any sales made by Thanksgiving, will be potentially useful, as they can be used to further improve the miniature work in the final few worlds of ‘Miniature Multiverse’. 

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