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This AUTUMN BONUS COLLECTION is a substantial assortment of video elements and texture maps, supplementing the first stock media pack I made available on Itch.IO (Triumphant Artists Complete Collection 2018).

Like the first package, this one includes a combination of both stock footage video clips, and stock texture maps. (I also have a ton of 3d assets that I'm putting online in 2019, in additional collections beyond these two, so that may also prove useful to you.)

This new bonus pack contains 201 additional image files, including a variety of diffuse, normal/bump, and specular maps, to help 3d artists create various realistic surfaces on their models. 

It also includes 15 HD video clips of fire and explosions. These are shot against black, easy to composite for efficient visual effects work or use in game cutscenes, and they're in high quality .mp4 format.

In a devlog for my preceding stock pack, I planned for this collection to include 200+ new texture maps, a dozen clips of fire footage, and a handful of fluid-simulated blood spray elements for visual-effects use in action/thriller/horror video projects. But in the end, I released those blood FX as a free standalone item, and to compensate for their absence in this pack and ensure that this pack would still be as great a value as possible, I included not  the initially planned 12, but 15 pyrotechnic clips here. While most are, as originally planned, simply assorted HD videos of fire against black,  there are also several impressively chaotic explosions with sparks - a last-minute addition to development of this package!

There are sales on my content every so often, usually on holidays or when content updates are posted with a bunch of new stuff on Itch.IO - so you may find it useful to keep tabs on my pages here and look out for any signs of a discount or bundle deal. You might find a fantastic deal on a massive archive of video and texture files that may prove invaluable in visual effects for video productions / game cutscenes, or for texturing of 3d models, and creation of 3d levels.

Notes on usage:

This is royalty-free content that you as a customer, can use as a resource in your own creative projects [derivative works] indefinitely upon purchase. However, please don't try to resell the package in its entirety or try to pass it off as your own creation.

Basically, don't be a jerk, and use common sense as usual - I put many hours of effort into making this stuff!

Sales made here will also be extremely helpful in funding not only development of future stock media content but especially the creation of other indie game projects I'm passionately pursuing, like Miniature Multiverse, an indie game set in a vast web of interconnected and imaginative fantasy worlds made with miniatures, handcrafted, and explorable in first-person view. 

My views on content creation:

I believe in making solid quality, substantial, and useful sets of creative art and gaming content at really low pricing, including a wide range of free items and free updates to paid items every so often. If you like that concept, and if you can see a use for any of these assets in your own future work, I'd be grateful not only for your decision to buy this pack individually or in a larger bundle, but especially if you would take the time to rate it, or comment - that'd be very helpful not only to me but to any future viewers who would like to know what they can expect from this stock media collection.

Thank you, everyone. I'm astounded by the number of views you've given to my projects lately - a few thousand in all! - and I deeply appreciate that almost a dozen of you have already made the decision to buy items from my Itch.IO pages. If a few of you would come back and briefly rate or comment, that'd make this even better. 

I know I've got something promising going on here that I've poured a great deal of effort into, and a rating from you right now if you like my work and find the assets helpful, would make that potential value clear to everyone else too.


Buy Now$1.15 USD or more

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