New models added, new collection title


UPDATE 1) I've rebranded the '3D Nature Asset Pack' to be the 'Marshes & Meadows' stock 3d pack, due to plans forming for two additional separate 3d nature packs (Forests & Flowers, Sand & Snow)

UPDATE 2) I've also patched the existing 3d asset pack with a new stone mesh that has a couple of texture variants (with and without moss) and a Bald Cypress tree model, textured and including a diffuse and opacity map.

UPDATE 3) All my assets are on sale for 12% off, so that gives you all something to look at and maybe work with, while huddled indoors during the 'polar vortex' that is currently hitting North America.

ADDENDUM) The total end goal for the 3d assets, will involve over a hundred assets between these three packs. That's way above the 30 or so I had initially planned, but it will be pretty great for 3d artists and game developers creating 3d landscape scenes.

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Version 2 Feb 02, 2019

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