Heavily reworked asset files [November 2020]

Marshes & Meadows Asset Pack update

Example flyby with some of these plants and other assets on a simple terrain

Marshes / Meadows asset pack updated recently, other updates arriving this weekend. 

I've added some new 3d assets to this package and made subtle fixes to all the .MTL files where such fixes were needed.

So now the 3d assets should 'just work' right out of the asset package with no need to reconnect any texture image files. 

I will admit, though, certain 3d apps might require slight adjustments still - Lightwave, for example, will load most of these OBJs with a refraction index of 1.45, and it should be 1, and a transparency setting at default (0%) and it should be at 100%.

So in a few cases there might be similar slight adjustments needed to basic material settings when loading these models, but they seem to work directly out of the box in most 3d / gamedev apps I've tested.

 For Unity, in particular, there are even material presets included in the asset pack now so I can pretty much guarantee this will all work very easily and conveniently in both Blender and Unity. Some other 3d software might require small adjustments in some cases, though.

NEXT UP: Forests & Flowers asset pack will be updated in a day or two, along with some other packs very shortly after that. 

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