Mothers' Day Sale extended, update imminent

I am filling out this pack with more content, including a few new grass and wildflower objects, and a large mossy tree with hanging tufts of spanish moss on it.

That update should be available pushed to the collection via Butler, within 2 days from now.

Then, over the course of the next week, as this sale is approaching its end, the long anticipated pair of new 3d asset packs will be wrapped up and should be available before the end of May 2019... and at least with 24hrs left before the sale ends at the evening of May 31st.

So you're strongly encouraged to keep tabs on my page here,, every so often, over the next 90 days, for your own benefit, because I may even be closer to releasing one or two new things, cool little experimental minigames, for free as well as the paid $1.50 launch of "Miniature Multiverse" which could happen in mid or late July, or early August 2019 if things continue to go smoothly.

Thank you all for viewing this stuff, I am amazed to see my profile drawing in thousands of views and about a dozen sales so far.

If you decide to buy something here though, again, I would really appreciate you giving a rating or comment or review, on the related game or asset page, so other future customers will have a fair and unbiased idea of what to expect from the item that you purchased.

Those reviews are helpful!

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