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This is a package of three simple free particle animation clips, as seen in the cover .GIF, downloadable in 1080p .mp4 video format. The total length of the clips is about 30 seconds, they all play one after another in a single video file with about a second of blank space in between each effect. So, same essential effects seen in the cover graphic, but much nicer resolution, minimal compression, the effects play back a bit slower with better frame rate, and without the text overlay.

There are two big gushing bullet-hit style exit-wound blood sprays from the side, similar looking effects but not quite identical, and one that goes into camera, then hits an invisible wall and slides down. Not amazing effect quality, not real-world photographic content [it's a 3d simulated particle effect and not actual liquid!],  and there's not very much here generally, compared to my big stock-media packs but it is something for free, so there's that. As the more experienced compositors here will already have figured out just based on the .GIF preview, this video can be layered onto a horror/action shot in a cutscene or video project, using a blend mode like 'darken' or with a luminance key. I plan to add a bit more free stuff here and on the free explosion effect page. I also have a free snow overlay clip if you want that, plus an 'Autumn/Halloween' mini pack for free now as a bonus addition posted on the 'Forests & Flowers' asset pack page!

These effects clips were originally meant to be included in the Autumn 2018 collection which I'm currently selling, but they weren't ready in time. As was promised on that product page, I am now posting these extra elements for free. The overwhelming majority of my effects elements and other asset files on matthornb.itch.io are in paid collections, but they're not expensive, and they're going to all be 90% off in a bundle for Christmas 2020 to New Years Day 2021, which means you'll be able to grab them all for just $1.50 - and I'll even throw in a preorder of my upcoming indie game 'Miniature Multiverse' and several other indie games that are finally getting close to completion. While donations are welcome here, I'd rather you buy my paid collections instead as you'll gain far more for the money as a result!

Anyway, thanks for all the support you all have given so far, and I hope you find some of my stuff useful. If you download or buy a few of my items, any ratings/review/comments would be great too and will give future viewers of these pages more of an idea of what to expect from these collections.

One more thing: If you do decide to leave feedback anywhere on any of my product pages [either my free or paid product pages], i.e. a review, star rating, comment, question, a suggestion maybe for future updates... well, that'd not only be helpful to me and others browsing these items on Itch, but I'm now agreeing to make a new free asset and have it available to download right here on Itch.IO, for every bit of new feedback [positive, negative, neutral, basically anything so long as it has a little bit of substance and is fair/honest] I see posted on any of my itch pages in Q1 2021. This is described further on this blog post: https://hornbostelproductions.com/wordpress-hornbostelproductions/2020/12/27/


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