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Light flurries of snow shot outside in my new home in Pittsburgh. HD resolution, 1080p, processed to make compositing easier for everyone. All you'd need to do to use this in a video production is layer it over your existing video with a 'screen' or 'add' blend mode. And then just like that, your scene has a bit of falling snow over it!

The clip is long - 56 seconds. It's in .mp4 format. Not amazing video quality but the effect comes from real-world photography so it has that going for it.

If you like this bit of free stuff or my blood spray FX pack, or the explosion effect stuff, or this free sample on a [paid] asset pack page, in all roughly 5% of my stuff here is available for free, I also encourage you to take a look at all the other stuff I have on Itch.IO, including the paid assets I'm selling and my game projects, as they're mostly in the $1-2 range and they contain a ridiculously large amount of visually stunning and often useful content. 

UPDATE: I just added a .GIF to this page which shows what the entire SnowFX clip looks like, though the gif is much lower frame rate - about 6fps - and also vastly lower resolution than the full .MP4 video file.

My next big bundle sale is St. Patrick's Day 2023. March 17, all 3000+ existing asset files plus all future updates to those, and indie games when they release, bundled for $2.27.

Optional donations are welcome on free items, as always, but I'd prefer that you buy the collections instead, or better yet a bundle of all my asset packs together during a big sale, since it'll give you more for your money. Reviews, comments, and ratings are also likewise greatly appreciated.

One more thing: If you do decide to leave feedback anywhere on any of my product pages [either my free or paid product pages], i.e. a review, star rating, comment, question, a suggestion maybe for future updates... well, that'd not only be helpful to me and others browsing these items on Itch, but I'm now agreeing to make a new free asset and have it available to download right here on Itch.IO, for every bit of new feedback [positive, negative, neutral, basically anything so long as it has a little bit of substance and is fair/honest] I see posted on any of my itch pages in Q1 2021. This is described further on this blog post: https://hornbostelproductions.com/wordpress-hornbostelproductions/2020/12/27/


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