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Miniature Multiverse

First-person exploration of beautiful miniature fantasy worlds · By matthornb


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Shift in strategy - Jan. 2018
I've posted about 'early access' - even changing the description on the main page - but now am backtracking on that even though this appearance of indecision ma...
Delays continue
Had a bit of an emotional/stress meltdown today. Can't get the project launched in mid-November, I just can't get it ready in time. Late November, post-Thanksgi...
New image posted
To keep people interested in the project, I've decided to reveal some visuals from another one of the worlds. The project's nearing completion and I'm planning...
History of the project
The idea of panorama based exploration of miniature worlds in a first person view, came first - some time around 2008 or 2009. With a bit of effort, by 2010 I h...
Game development is complicated!
Okay, so it's crunch time now. I have a great opportunity to launch this project this month but still, it's not going to be easy, not even remotely. Game develo...
Six worlds and puzzle content
I've wanted to implement puzzles occasionally in Miniature Multiverse, to make it more of an actual 'adventure game'. After a great deal of thought and scribbl...
September 27, 2017 - Five worlds now
I've expanded the scope of the initial release from three to five worlds, adding the next two I had planned to the initial release, and I'm also reducing the pr...
September 21, 2017
I'm still actively processing the nodes for the first version of the tour. It's a tedious process in some ways but also kind of cool to see the end results of...