Game development is complicated!

Okay, so it's hard to do code for puzzles and interactions even when it's done with visual scripting. 

Game development is complicated! It's not anything like playing a game, so all you kids out there saying 'I want to make games as a career' need to think about what that actually means in practice and the skills needed, because making a game is way harder than playing one. 

Still, for those gaming fans with sufficient patience and focus - and I'm one of those types of people, I completed every Myst game FYI [for example] - it can be a rewarding step up from playing games. I find that the process of making gameworlds is super engaging and that making games is in its own way sort of the perfect game. That sense of creative exploration and building a creative work, and problem solving in terms of 'how do I make these ideas actually a playable reality' is super satisfying. 

Note, ideas are worth little and execution, being able to take ideas and make them into a playable thing, is everything, 95% of the time in development is execution, not ideas. If you want a game made, make sure to be ready to contribute more than a concept. Have something solid to actually show, whether it's a cool interactive demo or a piece of level design art or - preferably - both combined together. Then and only then will you generate enthusiasm and only then can the project realistically move forward.

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