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Furniture & Indoor Objects Asset Pack 2020

First release - May 22nd, 2020. 

NEWEST UPDATE: Mar 16, 2023: An update went live in February but had some identifiable issues on some .OBJ files. I've sorted through that now. The new object files are all fixed, have pivot points that match the objects, and consistent object scale. There was also one more new item added in this update - a generic 3d mobile phone.

Note: a few materials - wall surfaces, floors, etc - seen in showcase renders are taken from my other texture collections, and are not included in this pack.

Please check my profile page for a list of all my other asset packs.

Also, I encourage you to rate this pack if you buy it, as that feedback would be very useful to future customers.

Pricing - This is a $1.95 asset pack, so still not all that expensive despite across-the-board price increases prompted by Paypal's pending August 2021 fee increases. But if that's not good enough, know that I will use almost any holiday as a time to enact a major sale, usually about 8-10 times per year (often including New Year's, Valentine's Day, St. Patricks' Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)... so if you can show up during one of those sales, you can often find a massive bundle deal with all my paid items for around a single dollar ($1 USD) which is a pretty amazing price for thousands of texture files, decals, and overlays, hundreds of video elements and hundreds of 3d assets!

Note - 2023 - 

NEXT BIG SALE: EASTER 2023, April 7 to 9, 2023

At that time, all 3000+ existing asset files plus all future updates to those, and indie games when they release, bundled for $2.20.

I will also be updating this and many other asset packs with some additional material in the next few months. 

Notes on usage: You can add the models and use them in your own 3d renders, video VFX sequences, video game levels. All of that, royalty-free, too, with no need to credit me. If you like this, though, I'd appreciate a comment or review here on Itch.IO. 

Sales made here will also be extremely helpful in funding not only development of future stock media content but also indie games like Miniature Multiverse, which has cost a lot to develop already and still is not quite complete.


Also, as usual, if you buy this, or anything else I'm offering here, I and everybody else browsing these pages, would appreciate it if you would please post an honest review, criticisms, suggestions and all, after buying. Reviews and star ratings and other forms of feedback like comments, are super helpful. I've sold over 30 items on Itch.IO so far but have yet to see a single complete star rating or review, just a brief happy comment on one of my first asset packs. Look, I do get that many of you would only be likely to post a response to a product that either provoked a strong negative reaction, or seemed like an 'important' or major purchase. A tiny - even forgettable - impulse-buy price, combined with a good but not outright incredible set of contents, might not seem to be worth posting a review about. But I encourage you to post one nonetheless. Positive or not, honest reviews do help others assess the value, the strengths and shortcomings of a product. So for the customers' sake, and mine, I'd really like more response to what I have here. The more this material takes off, the more I can continue to improve on it. Any review or comment wil be useful to me, so I know what I'm doing well and what still needs improvement. 

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So, yes, I hope to hear some responses from all of you. Those responses have an impact! If, for example, I'm seeing a number of people all requesting a certain type of texture, 3d object, or video VFX element I may make that a priority in later updates. So I WILL respond to your feedback as much as I reasonably can. I welcome your replies. 

A BIG THANK YOU to the people who have already purchased, some of you even tipped! THANK YOU!


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Version 5

Development log


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And... despite all the work, a few items I was developing were not included in this update due to still-unresolved texture issues. Even some of what was finally included had some problems that I'll still keep working to fix in the next week. (For example, several meshes have incorrect scaling or misplaced pivot points.)

But on the plus side:

I have now added some small details [potted plant, various single books and groups of books, a pair of glasses] and multiple ceiling fan objects, TV set and TV stand in three materials, plus two different bookshelves each with two texture options. Plus a few fixes and additional items in the next few days. I'm still working on this.

I'm late, I realize, in posting the new update but it's getting close now. 

Should be ready to go in under a week.

It looks nice ! the graphic paw is fine and sought after (sorry for the bad English ...)