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Recorded a new set of VFX video elements against bluescreen and black backing, in up to 4k video resolution and at high speed (60-120fps.)

The resulting real asset pack effects are now mostly accessible. About half a dozen more clips were just added to the collection. Not every element currently included has a GIF preview here, but many of them do.

The pack was posted as 'purchasable' prior to completed release so it can be included in earlier 2022 sales as an extra bonus.

Yes, 'air' or 'zero G' type explosions are a part of this. Including the one seen in the teaser image. Indeed, those  who bought this already, like in a larger bundle? You'll be surprised just how much is going to be included! Over a dozen epic real-world effects clips total, plus a wide range of digital/real hybrid elements soon too - which will just keep seeing additional clips over time!

What do these 'hybrid' elements involve?:

A bunch of realistic physics sim processing pushing digital physics sims to look as real as possible. Like, not just 3d firs/smoke pyro that is physics accurate, but integration of gritty particulate (dirt, sand) 3d physics simulated and various photogrammetry-scanned chunks of 3d debris that are part of these sims too, plus sparks that flicker realistically and look real because the appearance of each spark particle in based on randomized video from a batch of spark video effects I've built!

And all those random bits of stuff don't just look nice themselves but the realism of the debris also boosts realism of the gaseous fire sim around them by breaking it up and making it feel organic in a way that, quite frankly, most digital pyro effects don't.

How would you do this (from a technical pov): With a new desktop PC that has 128gb of RAM and four integrated GPUs, among other crazy overkill features.  Combine that with some of the best VFX physics simulation software currently available, awesome realistic shaders, and a lot of fine tuning, and I hope that I will be able to churn out photoreal and very chaotic looking explosions from here on out WITHOUT actually using incendiary materials or a bunch of high speed cameras. I would love to extend the small initial set of real-world pyro with a ton of nearly photoreal digital effects, over the rest of 2022-2023... all in this one collection.

I mean, how cool would it be if this asset pack expanded to 150+ video elements from its initial 15-16 at launch? I think it would be amazing.

But we will see - as usual - if there is actually widespread demand for this sort of stuff.

NEXT BIG SALE: EASTER 2023, April 7 to 9, 2023

At that time, all 3000+ existing asset files plus all future updates to those, and indie games when they release, bundled for $2.20.


Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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