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New update - June 2021. Includes two new street surface decals, two new picnic table 3d objects.

It's royalty-free as usual, and full of 3d assets you'd expect to see in parks, suburban areas, or small-town streets. Not nature assets - those exist in my other packs, and not interior assets. (That has its own collection as well) but man-made outdoor scenery items. 

Things like mailboxes, benches, street lights, fire hydrants, garbage cans, manhole covers, storm drains, and more. 

This is included along with the many other asset packs and indie game preorders all bundled together for roughly $2-3 during major holiday sales.

NEXT BIG SALE: EASTER 2023, April 7 to 9, 2023

At that time, all 3000+ existing asset files plus all future updates to those, and indie games when they release, bundled for $2.20.

Another update to this pack is arriving around the time of Easter 2023, an update that includes fountains with animated textures (.mp4 video texture if your 3d app can load that, or a JPG sequence if that's easier for you) and some other useful 3d items like a mix of walls/fences/gates.

.GIF example of the fountains with animated, actually originally 3d-fluid-simulated, water flowing in them, that I then baked down into the low-polycount UV texture map of the basic fountain meshes. The result is something that looks like a lot of liquid motion detail [300k+ polycount liquid sim] reduced to run nicely on the surface of fountains with a far lower and leaner poly count of 250-400 or so.

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New updates will be posted in this and a number of my other asset packs over the course of the next week. I am still working on these asset packs - they're growing every so often with new additions, not static and they're not being abandoned!

Thanks a lot for your cooperation with inexpensive and very useful assets…! I really need your assets for my projects.

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Sorry about that. Yes, I see the issue - the OBJ/.mtl content in this package had some .mtl texture file references saved with absolute, not relative, file paths. This of course means the texture files won't load by default on a different computer where the asset pack was saved in a different folder than it was saved on mine.

Sorry you ran into trouble with this, but I sincerely thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'll also look through all the other asset packs and see if this issue shows up elsewhere. 

Edit, an hour after the initial [now apparently deleted] post - I've reworked this asset pack (as quickly as I could) and have just posted the update [fix] for these files via Butler. I think these items should now all open in most 3d apps with textures correctly loaded by default. I'm now checking the other asset packs and will attempt to fix any other similar issues I may notice across other asset packs, within the next day or two. Until those new fixes are all pushed onto itch, don't be too surprised if some of my 3d objects need the related image textures added [reconnected] manually in your 3d software.