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The 'Snow & Sand' package contains what it sounds like it should - it includes a small number of winter objects, in .FBX and .OBJ format, plus a bit of 'desert' 3d object content as well.

There is also video overlay material here for VFX compositors - sand grains swirling around the camera view, and snow falling. All of that is in HD.

What's here at the moment may seem somewhat limited, but the collection is going to be updated steadily over the next few months, hopefully including dozens of objects by autumn 2019.

NOTE the sale that is ongoing, from July 1st to July 8th (I'd considered ending on July 4th but given that my sale is starting later than Itch.IO's summer sale I figure it's all right if it ends late as well.)

This package is discounted heavily right now as a result of that sale, plus even more so if bought as part of a five-package bundle for $1.39 (That's $1.39 for five game asset packs!)


Buy Now$1.25 USD or more

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