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Spiral Skies is a small point & click adventure game set on an alien world.

It features over a dozen 3d-rendered locations to explore, that can be traveled between (complete with animated transitions) and multiple simple-to-solve puzzles which do not strongly slow the players' progress through the narrative or the environments of the game.

It's a creative self-contained project by indie 3d artist Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, and was designed as a way to entertain players while they wait for the longer-term efforts 'Panoramic Worlds' and 'Isola' which are also in development by the same artist.

Choose your quality level.

The Enhanced version of Spiral Skies on Itch.IO has higher resolution graphics (most of the image files are 80-300% higher resolution than the standard version in terms of pixel count) with better color depth (32-bit color depth on everything, not 256 colors), less audio compression, and a bit more animation than the standard version. The Enhanced version will be downloadable here for $0.99. This includes standalone versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The HTML5 standard version will also be available - for free - on Kongregate, Newgrounds, Itch.IO, and PanoramicWorlds.com, and that HTML5 standard version is essentially the same game, just a bit lower quality of graphics and sound.

The Enhanced version has an HD graphics setting that really nicely showcases the WebGL effects and high-res graphics. However, it's worth noting that the Enhanced version really does have higher system requirements - I'd advise playing on a fairly high-end system like a recent desktop PC.


The Itch.IO (99-cent) version and the eBay counterpart, will now see release in early April 2016. The free HTML5 versions on Kongregate and Newgrounds will launch shortly after the Enhanced version. This is, frustratingly for everyone, far later than initially planned, but that will result in a more polished game with more animations (grass blowing in the wind! A weird alien creature thing! Prettier water motion!) and it is also necessary to push this back a bit more, partly due to other tasks which are interfering with my schedule, along with family visiting from out of town, technical obstacles, bugs, crashing/freezing software, lost hours of work, etc. A total of three people have commissioned paintings from me during the project. That's nice insofar as it gives me a bigger audio budget on the project but it will also delay everything a bit.

Any purchases or tips on Itch.IO following the release will be greatly appreciated by the indie developer and will go towards making more visually creative adventure game content in the future.

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