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Spiral Skies is a small point & click adventure game set on an alien world.

It features a fairly small realtime 3D world built with the Unity engine, containing multiple simple-to-solve puzzles which do not strongly slow the players' progress through the narrative or the environments of the game.

It's a creative self-contained project by indie 3d artist Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, and was designed as a way to entertain players while they wait for the longer-term efforts 'Panoramic Worlds' and 'Isola' which are also in development by the same artist.

CHANGE OF DIRECTION - A significant note:

I've begun the process of rebuilding the game as a 3d title in Unity 5.6 and that has gone fairly well, though there are still plenty of bugs to quash and interactions that need work.  I have no intention of making this an HTML5 project any longer; HTML5 in Unity is notoriously tricky to debug, as I've learned the hard way, and even when it was a 2D project in Construct 2 it still was becoming a problem (memory issues kept cropping up) - so bottom line, between the difficulty of solving HTML5-specific bugs, and the memory limits of HTML5 as a format, I'm inclined to launch this only for conventional desktop operating systems, that is Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

It'll be a standalone app, downloadable, and should move forward faster soon now that I've figured out how to do this (mostly with PlayMaker, and minimal scripting.)

I am an artist, not a musician or a programmer, so I'm not great with code. Nonetheless, this game production is within reach for me, I think, as the high-level visual scripting in PlayMaker is making some of the code less confusing to work with, and less prone to errors.

As for audio, I have a YouTube musician (PedroVGM) who has now composed three custom music tracks for the game.

RELEASE SCHEDULE DELAYS: A post a few months ago.

Another cause of delays that's cool in its own right:

A further note - I'm launching Miniature Multiverse soon. Like, days from now, on Itch.IO. I won't say how many days, but it's close.  I decided to wrap that up first for a few reasons.  One, as a virtual tour or walking simulator, it lacks the puzzles that are the hallmark of a real graphic adventure game. There's a whole set of difficulty levels in my mind, and I figure that it's best to begin with the more attainable and easier projects first, and build from there.  

So 'Miniature Multiverse' is a explorable space, 'Spiral Skies' a game with simple point-and-click adventure-game puzzles, and there are more ambitious things beyond that from 'Panoramic Worlds' to 'Isola' which will have a wide range of sometimes fairly complex puzzle designs, some of them fairly inventive and clever.

So in this case, I'm now starting with a 'virtual tour' (Miniature Multiverse, which had a failed Kickstarter a few years back, but now I think I can actually get it done without the crowdfunding, I have all the miniature scratch building supplies and tools, the exploration-focused panoramic tour system has been figured out, and all the interactions are proven to work, the game engine is good, the camera is a nice 20+ megapixel thing mounted to a DIY camera rig, with a macro lens and aiming down towards a ball bearing to take panoramic 360-degree reflection captures in a single image, which I can then unwrap in Photoshop and augment with a bit of digital animation, along with simple but smooth transitions between nodes.

Miniature Multiverse got approval from Kickstarter's staff with a 'Projects we Love' designation but in 2011 the Kickstarter failed to hit its goal.  Since that time I've gotten all the costs covered related to that, and can attempt the concept again, and it will be made available on Itch.IO shortly.  

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