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The MINIGAMES pack includes four small 'game jam' style projects:

-Spiral Skies, a realtime 3d sci-fi first person adventure game, a short one though. You have crashlanded on an alien planet while attempting to check on a colony that was supposed to have been established there.

-Easely, where in a hand-painted world, a strangely gifted student masters the ability to paint artworks of places he's seen, and walk through the canvas into those places!

-Eracer, a top-down, hand drawn and painted racing minigame with a hotseat mode and a couple of solo modes.

-Vortex, a dark science fiction mindbender in which you play as an abducted trillionaire in the year 2054. You are trapped by a group of radicals, inside of a simulated space meant to torment you and punish you for your 'crimes against the world' and you must try to escape! 

Each of these minigames has a free version in development. Each will be playable free, free download links will be posted soon, on this page, but there'll generally be a higher end version of all four available to anyone who spends at or above the normal $1.20 price threshold. Higher end versions may have slightly better or higher res graphics options for players with top-tier desktops, but generally the content is pretty much the same, just a bit prettier looking. 

Both the free and HD variants will likely be posted within the next couple months - by end of July 2020 - due largely to the fact that they're limited in scope, all at least half or more done, and due especially to delays in shipment to a few specific items I need to have in place prior to completing assembly of the last few areas of 'Miniature Multiverse'. The fact that I have up to 50 days stuck waiting for a few niche mini supply items to all arrive from Asia... means I have a brief gap, some time to work on these projects in a coffee-fueled 'game jam' effort, until those items arrive. Given my intent to work 10 hours a day on this after the Memorial Weekend Sale, and the fact that these are all partially-finished small projects already, I think releasing this all over the course of the next two months may be feasible.

I'll post more material from the other games besides 'Spiral Skies' while the Memorial Day sale's ongoing but at the moment I do have a lot of other priorities too, like the Unity prefabs/materials implementation on the texture collections. I'll post more soon though. Note that I'm already including a $1 price point in preorder form now despite the $1.20 post launch pricing, at release partly so the premium version preorder can be tacked on as yet another bonus included in the Memorial Day 2020 bundle sale.  It's not reflective of ordinary pricing.

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