Apologies for the delayed release timeline

The game development process relating to 'Miniature Multiverse' is taking longer than I'd hoped, for a litany of reasons. 

I had hoped the Halloween stock media sale would generate more sales volume than it did, and though the handful of sales which did occur were greatly appreciated, they will not be sufficient to improve rate of development meaningfully on 'Miniature Multiverse' and in effect served to slow down production; the bonus pack and release on Itch.IO consumed a fair number of hours and sales amounted to below $0.50 per hour allocated to this side venture. I would be further along on Miniature Multiverse now if the stock media had been shelved and I'd instead done more transcription, since that at least earns me around $2/hr in practice. 

I had also hoped some of the interactions and other tasks would be possible to finish more quickly, but that too is all going slower than I'd thought it would, and taking more hours in general. Even the bonus pack, while it's a cool concept, is going to involve some amount of time itself, and will effectively push back release of the complete game by a few days.

There are also issues with children underfoot [I'm an uncle of three toddlers and they're here at this house often] and that's an enormously adorable time sink and distraction that can be exhausting in itself. Thanksgiving and Christmas also will cause delays; due to family in town.

So while I had aimed for a release of the extras pack on November 12, 2018, and the full game on December 18th, 2018, I am now [as of November 23] forced to push back both dates substantially, especially given that my fundraising gambit over Thanksgiving week is quickly unraveling. The extras pack is now aiming for release on December 2nd, 2018 [though possibly a bit sooner] and the full game probably between January 15th-February 15th, 2019. I wish this were not the case, but here we are, and I don't want to release a bug-ridden product.

This will be 'done when it's done' people. :/

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