A downloadable bonus PDF & extras


Miniature Multiverse Extra Bonus Content, which is being made available near the end of development, about 30 days prior to the currently expected launch of the full game which is likely in the first month or so of 2020.


-A small early pre-release preview demo, so you can try a little sample, about the first 12%, of Miniature Multiverse a month early before the full game's release. This demo includes the first of four major regions of Lokus, plus Pryme and Vyrsul. Based on what everyone's seen up until now, that sounds like a large chunk of the game but it really is not that much. It's essentially 3 of the game's 25 substantial areas. 

-A making-of [behind the scenes] ebook in PDF format, detailing development of the game from the early inception of the concept in 2010 to the release around the end of 2018, including photography, concept art, curated documents created during the design process, etc. There's also a hint guide section for anyone who'll be struggling with the game's puzzles, with three levels of help ranging from a vague nudge to a clearer second hint to an outright solution. Embedded animations will also be included in various areas of the PDF.

-Finally, anyone buying this between release of the extras pack and release of the finished game, will be able to send me their name or some other short message, up to 30 characters, to be engraved in a stone monument in the final game area which is to say, realm #25. So for $1, you'll get some extras, sure, but your message will be memorialized in the game itself, indefinitely. This is only a possibility for early adopters, people who are excited about this project before most of the world even realizes it exists!

Also: The pack of extra bonus material, generally priced at $1.00, is likely to be discounted early on, by 40 cents, to $0.60. 

Minor updates might be added to the PDF as time of launch approaches, namely a bit more photography and animation related to the final few areas of the game.  

Finally, the sale preceding game launch will end when the game is released, but the savings will persist insofar as there will be a bundle available post-launch containing the game along with this set of extras. That will be a $2.20 bundle, a discount of 30 cents off the price of the items purchased individually.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to difficulty with funding assembly of the last few worlds in the game and with some tasks being more difficult and time consuming than anticipated, I am expecting that this item will see release at the end of 2019, or the first 40 days of 2020. But it is possible to preorder this now, or the game itself, if you are excited about it. The delays are frustrating and I get that, but this is a project I am committed to finishing somehow even with no support from the public. It will, however, go faster with some help, which is part of the goal of the 2019 Halloween sale.

Development log


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Note to all - if the Thanksgiving Mega Sale 2018 [which has amazing deals in its own right] hits the $200 mark by the end of Nov. 30, anyone involved in that sale who buys the 'bundle' gets not only all that stock media content but this item, the Miniature Multiverse Extras, too. And if the sale reaches the lofty aim of $500 in sales, the full game 'Miniature Multiverse' will also be tacked on for all bundle buyers, so that'd be $6.10 worth of content on Itch.IO for $1.49.  Over 75% off the individual items' prices!

I'm surprised, quite frankly, that this hasn't already generated more momentum. But I suspect that's mainly due to the lack of ratings on most of these products and the fact that the bonus items tacked on aren't quite released yet... so if you are hesitant to pay for items with no reviews, why don't you rush over and grab said items for free -there's a limited supply of free downloads still available right now - and then maybe you yourself can fix the 'lack of reviews' problem with your own genuine feedback relating to the quality and value of these items.