A downloadable asset pack

Coming soon, next few days.

This pack was designed initially as part of the Palestine Relief Bundle.


It was not, as far as I was concerned, really ready in time for submission - enough other things happened in the last days leading to the submission deadline that I felt the package wasn't good enough [yet] when that deadline arrived.

That said: I submitted one of my newer texture collections to that bundle and given that it's for a worthwhile humanitarian cause and that there are, what, 400+ games and assets and other things in the bundle submitted by a ton of different people, it's worth getting the bundle for all those reasons. 

 And if you still want this specific asset pack, I can confirm that throughout the next year [all of 2024] all sales of this specific asset pack will be sent to the same charity that the Palestine Bundle supports. And in the event that I have one of my many 'all my game assets for about $3' sales this year, which happens at least a dozen times every year usually... 10% of those bundle sales on my profile will go towards the same aid charity as well. Plus another 15% of such bundle sale amounts across a mix of other charitable [aid, medical] causes like the Against Malaria Foundation. 

Recall from the recent devlog - that I'm focusing heavily on things right here (itch.IO) for the next few months. Watch for some long-awaited updates, some of the existing releases will see major additions, and several things listed as pre-order material, that have not ever seen actual releases, will finally see release. I'm hoping all of this goes well and that there's a surge of enthusiasm for the material appearing here but I'll be able to manage whatever happens. Just... if things go well here sales-wise it'll give me a better shot at more solid, more frequent further released material. 

For example, I'm hoping to upgrade the GPU setup on a new-ish PC of mine, with the goal of rendering out a ton of photoreal VFX elements at large scale and detail without each video file taking literal weeks to render. It's a nearly $1000 overhaul of my computer which is already solid in everything OTHER than the GPU setup - 128gb RAM, and a very nice CPU setup - and I'm hoping to make that huge upgrade somehow happen in the next 3-4 months. If that works out, there may be a TON of large-scale VFX material headed to Itch.  And if I do that, there's still the issue of [hopefully] getting a bunch of the various gamedev things not only DONE but made widely accessible by end of 2024 - which is to say I want to submit each released game to Steam and Epic, which is $200/game but given how much I have already poured into these projects in sheer effort, time, cash... it seems like the wider release work is worth the attempt. Sure, they're still all heading to Itch.io, and GameJolt and maybe other smaller venues with negligible barrier to entry. But it's hard for an indie game to find an audience without a launch on some of the bigger storefronts. Lots of things I'd love to do. And they could be amazing for you as well if they work out, whether you're a game player, a game developer, or just a human being who wants to help other human beings all over the world.  

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