Six worlds and puzzle content

I've wanted to implement puzzles occasionally in Miniature Multiverse, to make it more of an actual 'adventure game'.  After a great deal of thought and scribbling of little notes, I've fleshed out the longer-term storyline and puzzle designs for the project.  The core story ends at 'world #23' and anything beyond that'll depend on the success of the project.  If it's been taking off I'd expect it could go much farther.

So here's the issue: I've got now six worlds in the first release, and the cost of physically building the fourth, fifth and now also sixth worlds in miniature, has cut into my budget for a launch on the Steam platform. [I'll need $100 to submit the project there and I'd like to launch there first for a few reasons:

- it's the biggest venue. It's my biggest opportunity for a noteworthy attention-grabbing launch.

-I could in theory submit the game to Itch.IO first but it'd be problematic, there are risks relating to scammy people trying to buy the software on Itch.IO and publish it to Steam as if it were theirs, thus staking a claim to my work there before I can do so, and severely eating into my potential profit... maybe to the extent that the game simply cannot be developed any further.  I don't want to take any risk of that type of exploitative behavior due to scoundrels, so I won't launch until I can scrape together the full $100.

And what this means in all is that it's unlikely I'll have this released by October 21 as I'd planned. Finished, basically yes, but not released anywhere until perhaps 4-5 days later.  Sorry everyone, but I'm pushing this back to October 26 or 27, roughly, for submission to the Steam platform and a few hours later for Itch.IO.

I'm really sorry about this but things like this can happen.  My hope is that by pushing release back again I'll be able to fine-tune the game and make it bigger, promote it better, give it a better shot at success. That would be awesome. You just need to be patient with this. I really am working hard on the project. 

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