September 27, 2017 - Five worlds now

I've expanded the scope of the initial release from three to five worlds, adding the next two I had planned to the initial release, and I'm also reducing the price by 25 cents.

I may also release a free demo on my own website, not too long after launch.

The downside is that it'll take nearly a month to build and implement the next two additional worlds.  The earliest this could now be released is October 16, 2017, but it could easily wind up being a week or two [or more] after that.

I'm taking a huge gamble on this project; a lot of time is now being poured into it and a lot of my own cash too.  But I want to provide great value to everyone who buys this virtual tour, and I know the prospects of success are low bordering on nonexistent. Walking sims are much-derided in gaming circles in general, and this can't possibly compete even with the higher-end ones in a lot of ways because of my scant resources currently as an indie dev. So I do not expect this to turn any sort of profit on the arguably $900+ I've spent on it, which includes $250+ in miniature materials/supplies starting in 2011, cost ultimately of three cameras (over $200 in all)  PlayMaker and a few other high-end Unity engine assets (also 200+), and a bit of other stuff including dead methodological ends related to reflective Christmas ornaments, different sizes of ball bearings, etc.  And a Steam launch, will add another $100 on top of all those things.

The good news: All of this may be very significant initial cost but the fact that I physically built five worlds - the first five - for no more than $300 plus a ton of unpaid work, is highly encouraging. Even if only a few hundred customers materialize on this project, that'll still be sufficient to maintain ongoing production for months after release.  And if we're talking even 0.5% of the sales volume of, say, 'Dear Esther: Landmark Edition' that'd be enough to run ongoing development for years on end, to the point of expanding the tour to include a total of nearly a hundred worlds. 

This might be a small project, and it may start small, with a small price, but if it does at all well it has a good chance of gaining momentum over time, the more free updates are added. And I do want to make all the updates free [no paid DLC!] and ultimately provide excellent, astonishing value for everyone. And if you buy 'Miniature Multiverse' in 2017, you'll be helping to make that happen. So thank you for reading.

Next update - early October - will include some visual material related to the 4th and 5th worlds in the tour.  Shouldn't be too far off.

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