September 21, 2017

I'm still actively processing the nodes for the first version of the tour.  It's a tedious process in some ways but also kind of cool to see the end results of each node as it is edited with digital elements and put into the tour.  I'll be posting a video trailer, three or four screenshots, and a .GIF project header fairly soon.  I don't have a real marketing budget on this thing, so my promotion's basically limited to forum posts on adventure-gaming boards I frequent, a few FB and Twitter updates, and a YouTube vlog entry... plus of course my own sprawling network of websites [, etc] which now have links to Miniature Multiverse prominently visible in some places.

I'd like to get this launched within the next few days but we'll see.  I know I've failed catastrophically at hitting targets like that in the past so no guarantees here either, but this time I think it'll be possible.

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