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Note to all - if the Thanksgiving Mega Sale 2018 [which has amazing deals in its own right] hits the $200 mark by the end of Nov. 30, anyone involved in that sale who buys the 'bundle' gets not only all that stock media content but this item, the Miniature Multiverse Extras, too. And if the sale reaches the lofty aim of $500 in sales, the full game 'Miniature Multiverse' will also be tacked on for all bundle buyers, so that'd be $6.10 worth of content on Itch.IO for $1.49.  Over 75% off the individual items' prices!

I'm surprised, quite frankly, that this hasn't already generated more momentum. But I suspect that's mainly due to the lack of ratings on most of these products and the fact that the bonus items tacked on aren't quite released yet... so if you are hesitant to pay for items with no reviews, why don't you rush over and grab said items for free -there's a limited supply of free downloads still available right now - and then maybe you yourself can fix the 'lack of reviews' problem with your own genuine feedback relating to the quality and value of these items.